The Poetic Act of Seduction — Volume 2

After reading Clarissa O. Clemens’s book The Poetic Act of Seduction – volume 2, several words come to mind: sensual, sexy, tantalizing, and provocative. These poems are words to be read out loud – preferable with your lover. In my opinion, reading erotic poetry during foreplay and during sex, is one of the best forms of sexual satisfaction lovers will enjoy – and Clarissa’s poems achieves this goal. Clarissa’s poems uses words to create erotica in the imagination. These poems are elegant in their simple rhythm and structure. I highly recommend The Poetic Act of Seduction – volume 2.

Reviewed by James Booker

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    Have you ever struggled to say the right sexy thing to set the mood for love? Clarissa O. Clemens has done the work for you with her collection of kinky yet classy erotic poems! This collection of seductive love poetry is the perfect foreplay for eve


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